Video Creation Using Powerpoint (Part 2)

In the previous article, we’ve learn how to and why convert our powerpoint to video. You can read it here.

What we’ll share in this video creation using powerpoint (part2) ?

powerpoint video background motionThis is just my experience how i use powerpoint as software to create video (information video), so information you’ll get in this guide is depend on my experience only.

In this tutorial we’ll learn :

1. Create powerpoint with video motion as background

2. Compress our powerpoint before publish as video

3. Convert our powerpoint file as video

Let’s watch the video below :

Resume :

We can see that powerpoint have more tools to make our video more impressive. Our creativities is the limits.
just in my humble opinion (imho) pros and cons using powerpoint to create video with video motion background is :
PRO’s :
we just need powerpoint to create video with video motion background.

CON’s :
if we insert video motion background in every slide, it’ll replay from the beginning when move on to next slide. It just maybe…video file size will be increase too big.

just tips :
as we know that in every slide we can have more text shape object, so .. for our video with “video motion background” we just need one slide in our powerpoint file. we just manage every text shape object using animation pane menu.

If you have other tips&tricks, please share your opinion :-)
anyway, if you wanna try this tutorial…download our video creation kits for free.  CLICK HERE

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