Fancy Forms WordPress Plugin


Now YOU can turn any website, blog post, or article into a list building, Cash Generating Machine!.

By now just about everyone knows The Money Is In The List!
In fact one very successfuly internet marketer said it best when he said:

” take my website, take my YouTube channel, and I’ll work around it.
But take my email list and I’m out of business! “
Fancy forms wordpress plugin is the solution to turn any web page into a squeeze page.
Pages with real content, that Google wants to index, that people want to back link to and that site visitors want to share!
Here’s easy way to add a Fancy Forms Pop Up to every page on their blog without having to edit each individual post.
Please be sure to follow the steps outlined below:
1) Download and install the plugin.
2) From your Fancy Forms dashboard click the ‘Code’ button
3) Select 2 Step Optin
4) Select No Button
5) Copy the code and add that to the Fancy Forms plugin
6) From your Fancy Forms dashboard click the ‘Code’ button
7) Select ‘Option Auto Open Code’ and select your pop up interval
8) Copy that code and add it to the Fancy Forms plugin IN ADDITION to the code you added in step 5
You will now have your pop up on every site.
Note that the plugin automatically sets a cookie so that the pop up will only show for site visitors once every 24 hours. This is so they are not nagged by the pop up as they browse your site.
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